How to get a bride / partner visa to England in Ukraine if the groom is English?

To marry in the UK with a citizen of the United Kingdom (or with a residence permit in the UK) and continue to live in the country with the opportunity to obtain a residence permit without leaving the UK, you need to open a bride visa to England / UK. The advantages of a bride visa are that you do not need to take a test for tuberculosis, English and pay an expensive honey fee. However, it is worth remembering that the cost of the consular fee is as high as for the wife’s visa. And there is one BUT that may lead to a refusal, and the consular fee is non-refundable in case of refusal. What is the risk of applying for a bride visa and why should you consider a spouse visa as an alternative? – The fact that you are not the official wife of a British citizen means that he does not bear any responsibility for you and you may turn out to be a problematic illegal immigrant in the UK if you marry in the UK, for which a visa is opened, you change your mind and the marriage never will take place. The subjective side of considering this type of visa is also reinforced by the fact that for a higher probability of obtaining a bride visa, the date of acquaintance is of great importance, as well as the official applications that a couple must submit to get married in England. The financial requirements for a bride visa in terms of spouse’s income (or amount of combined income) are similar to those for a wife’s visa, and do not exempt the couple from submitting all relevant evidence of sources of income. Sometimes you don’t have to open a bride visa, but immediately get a wife’s visa, which will increase the chances and save you paying the consular fee twice (for the bride’s visa and then for the wife’s visa). If you have already married your husband, a citizen of England in Ukraine, then you need to open a wife’s visa to the UK.

Features of the spouse visa

The UK spouse visa has the following features:

A bride visa to England is only issued if the groom is over 21 years of age and is a citizen of the United Kingdom. The bride must have known the groom for at least 1 year. At the same time, they had to have at least one real meeting.
In connection with the latest changes, in order to open a visa to the UK, the bride must confirm her knowledge of the English language by passing a language test. Testing is carried out by certain organizations accredited by the embassy.
The term for consideration is from 2 to 3 months. Visa officers carefully examine both the bride and the groom. In order for them to believe in the truth of your feelings, it is necessary to present evidence of meetings, tell in a cover letter about how and where you met your groom.
Visa officers may schedule a personal interview to clarify some of your intentions and their seriousness. It takes place in interview mode.
Please note that our services include advice on the correct collection of documents only for the Russian side. The appendix and all the necessary documents required from the English side are collected and filled in by the sponsor (groom) independently without our help and attached to the general package of documents. We strongly recommend that you seek the help of a UK lawyer or your sponsor’s (groom’s) personal accountant for these purposes.
Great Britain is a country with a high level of economic development. To avoid unjustified immigration, the list of requirements for entering the country is specially tightened. We will help you collect a complete package of documents and translate them into English. Our company offers a full range of services for the UK bride visa.

UK spouse visa – documents
Please note: each document must be translated into English.

1 Completed questionnaire
2 Valid passport
3 Old passports for 10 years
4 Certificate from work on the letterhead of the organization (from 35,000 rubles per month)
5 Statement from the bank about the balance of funds on the account
6 Invitation letter of intent
7 Letter from the place where the marriage will be registered with the date and time of the marriage ceremony
8 Copy of the inviting person’s passport
9 Bank statements from the inviter
10 Certificate from the job of the inviter in the UK
11 Copies of the inviter’s property certificate
12 Copy of marriage certificate, divorce certificate, birth certificate of inviting
13 A copy of the marriage certificate, divorce certificate, birth of the invitee
14 Copy of the child’s birth certificate
15 Copies of certificates for real estate (apartment, house, land)
16 Copy of PTS or vehicle registration certificate
17 Any evidence of your relationship with your husband (correspondence, calls, SMS, photos, joint trips, etc.)
18 TB test (from an accredited clinic) original + copy
19 IELTS test (from an accredited educational institution) original + copy

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