Paid or free hosting?

Free hosting

  1. You do not pay for hosting services.


  1. Free hosting services embed their ad units in the sites placed on them.
  2. Such hosting often works unstable and offers the user an inconvenient control panel.
  3. Many free hosting sites do not support PHP scripts and the ability to connect to a database, send e-mail.
  4. Limits on the use of resources at free hosting are limited as much as possible. If the site turns out to be overloaded, then it can simply be deleted and blocked without explaining the reasons.

Free hosting is recommended for novice webmasters to train and / or host the simplest sites (landing pages or business card sites). Such hosting will not work for multi-page dynamic sites.

Paid hosting

  1. Suitable for all types of sites, including multi-page and high-load.
  2. The user has the ability to change the limits if necessary. It is enough to purchase a new tariff from a hosting provider.
  3. You are the owner of all the information that is located on the hosting. In case of termination of work, you can copy all the data to your local computer.
  4. Many hosting providers provide a trial period, which allows you to check the stability of the hoster without losing money.


  1. The need to pay regularly for hosting.

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